Quarter Life Crisis

yass, not everyone told you about this. You should find it. If you try to find the answer then God will guide you. I believe this.

That’s why reading is important. Increase your insight. And it’ll help you pass the test in life.

Maybe quarter life crisis is the first biggest problem in your life, because it’s like transition period from adolescence to adulthood. This often happen in your age of 20th. Something like job, career, purpose of life, married, family, friendship, relationship and many other things.

If you are at this point, take your time, evaluation yourself, find the answer (ask to knowledgeable and experienced people). Keep your mental health is really important. If it takes longer than what you expected, then don’t stop, keep going on.

Then you will realize, wahh this is what is mean by this popular Proverbs in Indonesia

Ilmu Padi, Semakin berisi makin merunduk

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